In the B2B marketplace, suppliers occupy a unique niche. Unlike manufacturers who only sell their products, or buyers, who only purchase products, suppliers do both, which means that if you are a supplier, Alietc is twice as useful for your business.

What do you need to do as a supplier?
First, sign up for free.
Once you have registered, you will be directed right to your own dashboard, where you will be able to create your profile. Please take a little time to create an eye-catching profile that will appeal to potential customers or clients.
Fill in the essential information and upload an image from your company or simply put a profile photo.
The options available on your personal panel include Wishlist (product Wishlist and supplier Wishlist), Reviews (product reviews and supplier reviews), messages, my requested quote, as well as posting RFQ. 

Go get started with any plan:
Depending on your requirements, you can select one of our membership plans on Premium Services: Free, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. They each have specific capabilities and you can go ahead with your business based on the plan you select. 

Start Buying or Selling!
Simply switch between Buy & Sell button to either buy products or offer them for sale. 

As a buyer:
Your first step is to search for those products you want to buy and, as importantly, for manufacturers and suppliers of those products.
Submit your request for quote in Post RFQs. You can place a bid or price quote on any products that are listed for sale.
Any supplier/manufacturer- who can supply the product(s) you are looking for- will receive instant notification of your product request and will then make contact if the price you are looking to pay is of interest to them.
On My Requested Quotes, you will be able to check if your products have been verified and set for a deal. 

As a seller:
Your first step is to list the products you have for sale and invite offers. You can also list the products at a fixed price if you so choose.
Second, you can search our extensive database for members who are either looking to buy the products you have for sale, or who have bought those, or similar products, in the past. You can then send them a price at which you are able to supply the product(s) they are looking for. 

Please Note:
Your initial approach to any manufacturer/supplier will always come through Alietc so that we can check the validity of your request. Once we confirm you are a genuine business or individual, then your request will be passed on to the manufacturer/supplier, together with your contact details. From then on you can deal direct with each other.

If you still have any questions—
Contact us and let us know. We will certainly provide you with helpful information.

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